The best part of my morning.

The best part of my morning.

Every night I go to work and Grahams mommy watches him for the whole night. Whenever I get off work I get to see my son every morning. It goes the same way every time. I go into my bed room and see my beautiful girlfriend and my sweet son nuzzled up against each other. Queue the start of the ritual. She starts to get him ready, grabbing his toys and his pacifier and his favorite blanky, and I turn off all the lights in the living room in preparation for bring him to his temporary sleeping spot.

Once everything is ready I put him in his little home made bed and rock him back and forth. Its up to him what happens next. Sometimes he likes to stay up and we play with his toys and other times he falls straight asleep. Either way hes the most adorable kid. I find it funny that when I am out here working on a project or studying, I can see him looking at my computer and looking at his dad. I can tell hes interested in working on computers already.

After 5 or 6 hours go by I wake up his mommy and I bring him back to her and we rotate out and she lets me sleep. I guess you could say I have it good. I get to work from home supporting my family and spend time with them and then i get off work and get some one on one time with my son. I can’t wait til he gets older and I can teach him some technical skills. He’s already interested.

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